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Do you still use Asura scans?

Don't use Asura Scans at the moment. Oof. Since when? I might have read some webtoons from Asura yesterday as I'm typing right now. Around 2 hours ago I think? One of their discord admins got hacked and the main server got raided by a cringe ass tiktoker.

Why is Asura series so popular?

All their series were popular mainly because they were also done by other group and then jumped in with 20 ch mass release acting all high and mighty while ruining it for everyone who cared about read the actual English but some mtled ch that asura put out. Asura made a giant manifesto about the drama as well.

Should scanlators treat Asura as a non-profit hobby?

As you know, the main policy and decency most scanlators should have is to treat scanlation as a non-profit hobby and hobby only. And here comes Asura. The big bad wolf with releases at lightning speed and rather questionable QC.

What are some common methods/vulnerabilities of asurascans?

One very common and known method/vulnerability would be the memory buffer overflow like the other guy mentioned which makes you able to execute code (which is just text inside a textfile that could be part of the image you downloaded). How do you know if you're infected? I browsed asurascans like 2-3 hours ago

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