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What is Kulto in Pugad Baboy?

Kulto ( Filipino for cult) is an adventure story arc of the Philippine comic strip series Pugad Baboy, created by Pol Medina Jr. This particular story arc lasts 41 strips long and was published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer from November 1995 to January 1996.

What is Kulto Culto?

An embodiment of great knowledge and learnings, KULTO brings a slice of the best from Spain to the dining scene in Singapore. Culto, which means cultured and educated, in Spanish is what diners will experience the moment they enter. Born and bred in Rioja, Spain, Head Chef José Alonso helms the kitchen of KULTO.

What makes Kulto Madrid’s best restaurant?

At Kulto, the restaurant comes dressed less like a restaurant, and more like a cosy dining space. Wooden shutters, a common sight in Madrid households, flank the walls of the dining space. And central to the entire eatery is a lively open kitchen, where chef-owner José Alonso stands proudly by.

Why choose Kulto?

Inspired by his heritage, culture, and philosophy of letting good quality produce speak for themselves, every plate at KULTO steers close to the traditional rendition of the dish and lets the freshness of seasonal produce take centre-stage. At KULTO, we aim for every guest to be taken care of and yet feel at home.

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