Panatang Makabayan


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Panatang Makabayan

What is Panatang Makabayan ng Pilipinas?

The Panatang Makabayan ng Pilipinas, is a beautiful verses of pledge to the country, as well as to the ideals of being a Filipino. This is usually done right after singing the national anthem during mandatory morning flag ceremonies in school.

When was the Panatang Makabayan pledge revised?

The pledge was revised in November 2001 by former Department of Education secretary Raul Roco, using shorter lines with more conversational Filipino. Although Department Order No. 8 states that the Panatang Makabayan may be recited in English or any vernacular language, the pledge is usually recited today in Filipino.

When was the Panatà introduced in the Philippines?

The act was implemented in schools through Department Order No. 8 of what is now the Department of Education, which was approved on July 21, 1955. The Panatà was revised in November 2001 by then Secretary of Education Raul Roco, using shorter lines in less formal Tagalog .

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