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Ulam In English

What is the meaning of Ulam in Tagalog?

ULAM: Definition of the Tagalog word ulam in English. Filipino / Tagalog language translation for the meaning of the word ulam in the Tagalog Dictionary. Rice is the staple food of Filipinos and " u lam" is the term for the viand or dish or practically anything edible, e.g., fruits, salt, sugar, that is eaten along with it.

What is the meaning of lumasa Ulam?

Ikaw ang lumasa ng ulam. You taste the dish. n. v. to reach for. Umabot ka ng ulam. Reach for the food. mag-abot, iabot, abutan (mag:i-:-an)

What is the meaning of “Ano Ang Ulam”?

So, depending on the time of day, the phrase “ano ang ulam” could become “What’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner”. Additionally, when in the Philippines, the more delicious the “ulam” is, the more cups of rice are eaten. That’s because Filipinos often savor the “ulam” and rely on sauce or soup to pair with the rice.

What does karaniwang Ulam mean?

Karaniwang ulam ang nilaga na may mga pampalasa at sariwang mga herb. A typical main course is a thick stew with spices and fresh herbs. Sabi ko sa kanya, “Bumili ka ng tinapay, gatas, at kaunting pang- ulam .” I told her, “Buy bread, milk, and some meat .” Alin ang mas gusto mo, ang ulam, o ang isda? Do you prefer meat or fish?

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