Find out about non-profit animals from Robert Stravinsky

In case you have been wondering about how to care for your pet, you are not to bother, as the opportunity you need is with Robert Stravinsky. As a professional, trained and passionate animal care activist, he has embarked on various projects that help support animals. Animals may not have a soul like a human, but they have feelings and always desire to be cared for and loved. If you keep a pet in your home, it is necessary to know that the pet expects you to treat it as one of the members of the family. These and more are among the information Robert provides on his blog. You will be sure to learn more about animal care and how to get started with your non-profit animal welfare project.

The things everyone should know about caring for an animal

No matter your level of familiarity with pets and other animals, there is useful information for you here. There are pieces of information that will make you a happier and more fulfilled animal care expert when you get information from Robert Stravinsky. Your search online about how to care for animals is over the moment you follow the personal blog of this renowned physical therapist and animal welfare activist. More so, unlike other personal blogs where people are made to continue repeating the information every time, Robert’s personal animal care blog is known for fresh information.

Where you can find out about how to care for your lovely pet

You should try to learn more about the person of Robert Stravinsky before accepting everything he says on his blog hook, line, and sinker. Learning about him is easy, and you can find all the detailed pieces of information you need about him on the bio page. Take time to check through the bio page, and you will be shocked by the quality detailed you can get about an effort in providing information to people about animal care. Below are some of the things you need to know about Dr. Robert:

  • Robert is a professional physical therapist in Massachusetts
  • He is a top animal welfare activist
  • He acquired his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the prestigious Boston University
  • He specialized his career in outpatient orthopedics in the year 2019
  • He created an animal welfare blog to load people with needed information.

The pet lover’s online platform you need to know

Having acquired the necessary academic qualifications in physical therapy and completed his fellowship in orthopedic manual therapy, Robert Stravinsky has a lot to offer. So, if you are still thinking of the right place to get information regarding how to care for your animals, you do not have to worry. Dr. Robert is out to ensure your satisfaction. The information you need to understand the secret of caring for animals is right before you today.


Become a part of the force behind animal care in your environment, and you will be fulfilled in the end. Animals are helpless most times and require human intervention for their upkeep. That is what made it necessary that you learn how to care for them through the detailed information here.



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