Things to do to get more engagements on stories

Instagram: Complete Guide — History, Products, Founding, and More -  History-ComputerYou can  buy instagram views if you have a budget. Else, you should know these things to get more engagement on your stories. 


Reply to DMs


If you have a business account and post stories about your products, you will get several messages in your inbox. The majority of the businesses would not reply to these text messages and leave them unopened. It will be the biggest mistake to do when you are on Instagram. If you ignore people’s messages, they will not spend time with your stories and posts anymore. There are chances for them to unfollow your account at times. So, you should take some time to interact with the people who are replying to your stories. If you do so, you can get to know what they think about your business. You will get some valuable feedback that may help you in the future. It will create a better relationship with your customers, and hence, the story views will increase in the long run due to this reliability.


Mention others in your stories


Another way of increasing the number of views on your stories is to use the mention sticker to tag someone into your story. You can find the stickers icon at the top when you try to post a story. If you click on it, you will find the mention option. Once you click it, the available account names to tag will appear. You can choose anything you want. If you do so, a notification will go to that person. So, there are chances for that person to visit your story and even share it on his account. Hence, it is a better approach to tag people who might be related to your niche and business. It will create more engagements on your business account in the long run. You can also tag a person by using @ symbol in front of their Instagram ID. 


Use shop stickers


Instagram allows followers to shop products without leaving the application. There is a shopping sticker that you can use along with your stories. If you do so, there will be a button to provide details of the product. If the user likes the details, he can purchase the product right there without moving to any other website. So, it is better to have these shopping stickers on your stories if you are posting stories about products. However, there has to be some content that describes the product. Your Instagram shopping story will not look like a sales pitch or anything that forces your followers to buy. 


Ask questions via stories


Another interaction option on Instagram stories is to ask questions to your followers. You can find question stickers on Instagram that will let you ask any question and let your followers reply the answer to you. Once they do so, you will get a reply and you can share it again on your story. So, your story’s engagement level will increase.

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