Hydrogen Fuel Cells for the Residential Market Are Being Developed by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power

European legislatures and capital providers are becoming more demanding of the energy sphere to integrate clean energy, as it has become a growing concern for the region. Many countries see hydrogen as a crucial source of cleaner energy despite its low adoption rate today. But its poor adoption might change as the US residential prices for electricity are projected to rise by over 16% by in the next 10 years and hydrogen is one of the best ways for renewable energy storage. Hydrogen is a great cleaner fuel and can be extracted from water using renewable energy with zero negative impact on the environment. This fuel can then be used by hydrogen fuel cells, which do not use combustion in their operation, therefore producing no harmful emissions.

Hydrogen fuel cells can provide backup power when the electric grid goes down or serve as a replacement for it during peak hours. The electrical grid connection can also be replaced by a hydrogen fuel cell entirely. A company called Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is focused on developing and producing micro-CHP hydrogen fuel cell systems using alkaline fuel cell technology, which are designed to use components made of more accessible materials like nickel and graphite. This innovative component design is what differentiates Alkaline Fuel Cell Power from the competition as it makes the fuel cells perfect for use in the residential market and in smaller commercial applications. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s fuel cells can also be produced in a high volume due to their price-leading manufacturing technology and low productions costs.

The current demand for zero-emission energy technology is not being met due to the lack of adequate technology available in the consumer and commercial markets. Solutions comparable to that of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power are too expensive for adoption in residential purposes. This is a gap that Alkaline Fuel Cell Power hopes to fill with their 4kW system currently in development, scheduled for release in 2024.

The world’s hydrogen market is already well established; in 2020 it was valued at $120 billion and is set to play a big role in the world’s future energy usage. Estimates say that nearly a quarter of the world’s energy could be supplied by hydrogen by 2050. Hydrogen is vastly superior to combustion-based alternatives as the chemical process used provides clean energy with zero harmful emissions.

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