Robert Stravinsky: Common Conditions That Can Be Treated With Physical Therapy

Physical therapy benefits | Adventist HealthPhysical therapy is a proven method of healing many conditions and injuries. It helps to improve movement, manage pain, and promote overall wellness. Physical therapists use a variety of techniques to treat a range of common conditions, from sports injuries to chronic pain.


These treatments can help patients regain mobility, strength, and balance, and can even help improve their quality of life. for that, physical therapist Robert Stravinsky will state some of the most common conditions that can be treated with physical therapy, and how physical therapy can help.




The joints are where most of the body’s movement takes place, so it’s no surprise that arthritis is one of the most common chronic conditions that can be treated with physical therapy. The different types of arthritis can cause pain and joint instability, so arthritis patients often experience pain and limited mobility in their hands, wrists, knees, ankles, hips, and/or shoulders. Physical therapy can help arthritis patients with joint-specific exercises and rehabilitation techniques.


 Back Pain


Back pain is one most common reason why people want immediate medical attention. It can affect almost anyone, at any age and at any time. A physical therapist can help to relieve pain, improve movement, and reduce inflammation. They can also help to prevent the recurrence of back pain, by working with patients to modify their everyday activities and improve posture.


Repetitive Strain Injuries


A repetitive strain injury (RSI) is the result of the overuse of a muscle or joint without proper rest. It can happen when someone performs an activity that places enormous stress on the body, causing muscles to become overused. RSIs are common among athletes and can be aggravated by repetitive, forceful movements.


Robert Stravinsky, a physical therapist, can help to treat RSI’s with joint-specific exercises, along with soft tissue manipulation (like massage) and occupational therapy. Patients can also be taught stretching and strengthening exercises by Robert Stravinsky to improve their flexibility and reduce their risk of re-injury. 


Joint Injuries


Joint injuries can happen to anyone, at any age, and may be caused by sports, an accident, or overuse. Physical therapy can be used to treat joint injuries, as well as to manage pain and inflammation. Joint injections can help to restore joint movement, while joint mobilization techniques may be used to realign the joint without pain.


Post-Surgery Rehabilitation


Some surgeries require patients to stay in the hospital for a few days before being released. Longer-term post-surgical rehabilitation treatments can help to restore movement and function after surgery, after an injury, or after a joint replacement.


Physical therapy can be used to help with range of motion, strength, and gait training. One of the unique aspects of physical therapy for post-surgical patients is that it can help to modify patients’ daily activities, to prevent re-injury. For example, after knee surgery, patients may be asked to modify activities like running and crashing in sports or climbing stairs.


Sports Injuries


Lastly, most injuries that occur in sports can be treated with physical therapy. Physical therapists work with patients to improve their movement patterns and strengthen their muscles and can help patients to modify their activities to prevent re-injury. Some sports injuries may be minor and require rest, while others may require medical attention.

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